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Bang on, Facetime For PC Download guide is here! All of your friends who are using an iOS device that is iPhone or iPad then you must see them that they are using FaceTime application to connect with each other. Even you may know that this app is for the iOS device only then, how is it possible facetime for pc! Don’t look surprised and don’t look for any further information for it as in this article we will discuss on the FaceTime for windows and how to use FaceTime on the Windows platform.

The way people communicate is changed drastically in recent few years.  First, we used to have telegrams and postcards which is replaced by telephone. Now the telephones are replaced by wireless networking like mobile phones, email, etc. and now we connect to any person around the globe with a single click on our smart device.

Most people in the US use an iOS-based operating system like iPhones or MacBooks for their daily usage. Whereas in the country like India people prefer windows based pc for their regular use. So if you are one of that user who uses windows pc or laptop and wants to know how to use the iOS app on your pc, then this article is for you. It will help you in connection with your iOS equivalents using FaceTime. We will guide you with all the steps with all the details about how to download, install and run FaceTime on Windows PC. Not only this we will show you why it disconnects or not connect sometime. So let us start with the first title.


Facetime For PC


Name FaceTime For PC
Developer AppleInc
Windows Supported Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Supported Operating System Windows
File Size 21 MB
Rating 4.6
Total downloads 56 million+
Category Video Calling
Last Updated Marth 5th, 2018


Apple developed FaceTime For PC is a video-calling app to let its users have visual contact with each other. It is similar to the Skype application on Windows which allow users to make video calls over the internet. On present all Apple devices, FaceTime is an inbuilt app that is iPhones, iPads, and Mac. If you are an iOS user, you will find it on your device and make a video call or video conferencing to simplify you’re personal as well as professional life. So the FaceTime has been a pioneer in this field.


Your device should meet the following specifications to run FaceTime for PC:

  • Mac OS: Mac OS X 10.6.6 or 10.6.6+ and compatible with the camera.
  • iOS: iOS version 4+.
  • Devices: FaceTime works on 4th Gen iPod touch and higher, iPhone 4 and higher, iPad 2 and higher, iPad pro (all models), and iPad mini (all models).
  • On windows 10 with the use of iPadian.
  • FaceTime is not available on the devices used in United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan.


  • Facetime video calling app is handy. Even a beginner can efficiently use it without any trouble.
  • No need to register or sign up to use it on your pc or laptop.
  • It has a user-friendly interface that is unmatched regarding ease of usage.
  • Facetime is the fastest communication app that is available for free to enjoy unlimited video calling, single/group chatting using Wi-Fi, 3g/4g connection.


  1. Video Call:
  • This app’s main function is video calling. FaceTime for PC let you make video calls without any charges anywhere in the world at any time. It provides good video quality if you have a decent internet connection.
  1. Audio Call:
  • With the video calling feature, Apple also added the voice-calling feature after the launch of the application. So in case if you are not able to make a video call, you can at least make an audio call to your dear once. So it is a substitute for audio calls as well. People use FaceTime to make an audio call with the improvement of internet speeds all over the world using their regular cellular network. It is again free of cost with the good quality irrespective of the distance.
  1. High-Quality Call:
  • FaceTime for pc application ensures the high-quality audio as well as video calls. You can make both calls in HD quality. Note that it consume lots of data at the time of video calling so before making any call ensure that you have a good connection with an unlimited data.
  1. Picture-in-Picture:
  • This feature another feature of this app which let you see how you are looking while the other person is on the screen. So it will show your little picture at the time of video call with other with that person’s picture on a screen.
  1. FaceTime Interface:
  • So another plus point is it’s an excellent user-friendly interface which will make you fall in love with it. It is so smooth, classy and straightforward that even a novice can use it efficiently. If you want, then you quickly navigate between video conference and texts and also enter the full-screen mode.
  1. Hide/Block Calls:
  • If someone is irritating so that you don’t want to connect with them, then you can enter the particular person in the block-list so that you never get disturbed you again using the feature hide or block call.

Download Facetime For Windows Pc

If you are a Windows user and are looking for how to download and install FaceTime on PC, then this article will help you to guide to do it. Note that there are many videos calling apps available like Skype in the market, but FaceTime gained a reputation as the best because of its various excellent features, and its creator’s vision to make it the best product in video calling app category. The unique design makes it one of the best apps for video calling. People are looking for Facetime Download for Windows 10 Quiet everytime because they don’t have a MAC computer. here is the guide that will help to download facetime app on a windows system.

How To Download Facetime For PC (Windows Computer)

Unluckily, Apple has not released the official version of FaceTime for Windows PC, but we can use it on windows based pc with the help of an emulator. FaceTime developed for an iOS device like iPhone, iPad, and Mac. But as I said there are some ways by which you can use it on your Windows pc. Here are the steps.

Step 1:

  • First, download the iPadian emulator from the link given below for Windows: http://www.ipadian.net/

FaceTime for Windows PC

Step 2:

  • Now open the downloaded file and install it by following on-screen instruction.

Step 3:

  • After the installation complete, open the iPadian emulator and log in with your Apple user id and password.

Step 4:

  • If the facetime is not present in it, then download it from the Apple App Store.

Step 5:

  • Now select any contact from your list and make a video or audio call as per your choice with ease.

How To Use Facetime On Windows PC?

After successful download facetime for Windows and installation of the iPadian emulator, you can start using FaceTime on your pc immediately. If you use it before, then it is easy for you but if you are new then note that it is easy to use with the same features as an android app.

In case if you have not download it then, open the iPadian emulator and pick the FaceTime download option to get it and click on the download button.

The app will then automatically installed after you download it. Next, complete the registration process by entering your User ID and Password so that the registration process will complete. Note that each time you can use this same ID and password.

Now open the application and go to the setting option and configure them as per your preference. Now you are ready to make video calls and connect with iOS users with FaceTime.


FaceTime is one of the most famous and extensively used Apple’s very own one-on-one video calling app and services which remained unique until today. If you’re a hardcore fan of ‘FaceTimer,’ then you also must know that sometimes it gets stumbled at the time of using. Here under this title, we have listed all possible issues with their solution so in future you will not suffer from any problem and can solve it on your own.

We will help you to know how to check the problem you are facing is of FaceTime encountering downtime itself or originating from Apple’s end or if both are not then what exactly the problem which prevents you from making calls using FaceTime.

We have listed the various troubleshoots methods in order, and we recommended you to execute it in the same sequence as we have set it from most common to rare one.

Facetime Is Not Working Fixes


If you are not able to get your FaceTime worked properly, and no know the precise reason that prevents you from making and receiving calls then the first thing is to check it is enable or not. For that open settings, you need to open Settings in your iOS device and pick FaceTime app>> turn the slider on and all done!


Before going to any advance troubleshoots, first make sure that the server of FaceTime server is not down or else what. Many times we follow many troubleshooting steps without checking the app server and invent more additional problems.  Despite the service or app category, if you are experiencing encountering any unexpected errors or issues, it is advisable to check for the server’s downtime and even make it a must-do practice.

You can check for the current status of FaceTime by operating to the Apple’s System Status Page from the link given below:


From here you will get assured whether the FaceTime is down due to some issues or any other reason causing connectivity problems.

Moreover, the system status page will also allow you to know about the current status of Apple’s other popular services including iMessage, iTunes, the App Store, Maps, Apple Music and more.

If the server is down, then you can’t do anything for it except wait. The main aim behind the check is to make sure that the service itself is down and we do not do much more to fix it and wait until it gets set entirely and back to the working track.

Besides, seldom you might not get the updated status on the Apple’s System Status Page due to some specific reasons. In such cases, you need to try a different way of verifying the current system status by checking it from the third-party service status websites.

Currently, one of the best third-party verification websites is Down Detector which will help you to get the most up-to-date status report for your apps. The remarkable feature of this site is, it will get you to compile data of past 24 hours in the form of a graph, and you can also check the date of the recently resolved issues.


If you’re not able to make calls using FaceTime, double check that your Wi-Fi or internet connection because sometimes your internet connection is the culprit which prohibiting you from using the App. Check that it connected appropriately to your device and the Airplane Mode is also OFF.

Due to some other reason like your data pack is exhausted or the wifi is not on or any other the FaceTime failed to work. Nevertheless, you can make sure that your internet is not creating any problem and working fine by opening or surfing other sites randomly.

Another way is to refresh the network connection with airplane mode. That is turn off the airplane mode and then turn it on, and check app start working or not.


Sometimes Apple will not let you use FaceTime for pc if the software of your device or software is not up to date with the latest version of it. Despite, whether you are getting problems using services or not, you should always get your device updated to get no future trouble.

To check it, follow the path given below:

Settings >> General >> Software Update, and check for an update is available or not for your device.

  1. ‘WAITING FOR ACTIVATION’ Facetime Error Solution

If your FaceTime app gets stuck displaying the previous message, then there may be some temporary system issues. In such case, go to Settings >> FaceTime and toggle it OFF for a while and turn it ON again. Now you can see the message like ‘waiting for activation…’

Next, login in FaceTime again by entering Use your Apple ID and password and check if the issue persists or not. This simple step will refresh your connection to the Servers of the app and help you connect without any issue.


If you set up the phone number and e-mail for FaceTime then check is it correct or not? Because you can’t reach to any buddy if the details you provide are not accurate. Make sure that you did not enter the wrong information while setting up this earlier.

To check it, navigate to the Settings and open FaceTime and check your phone number and e-mail listed underneath the “You Can Be Reached By FaceTime At” section. Furthermore, you need to verify both of them to use them.

It will tend to cause you an issue while making or receiving calls if either of one gets wrong. There are different methods to check it like if you are an iPad, iPod touch, or a Mac user, you’ll be required email for the video call, and if you are an iPhone user, you will be needed phone number to make video calls. Accordingly, always ensure that you have the given correct details and are checked in for reaching you using the same.


The caller you might try to connect has the FaceTime for Windows compatible device or not?  Let us tell you if you are trying to connect the person not having Mac OS X 10.6.6 or 10.6.6+ or iOS version higher than 4 or 4th Gen iPod touch and higher or iPhone 4 and higher, iPad 2 and higher, iPad pro (all models), and iPad mini (all models) then you will not able to connect with them.

You could not use FaceTime if you have any previous older generation iOS device or other smartphones as you know that it is only available for iOS and MAC OS platforms.


It also happens that you block some user and you forgot it and tried to connect with them. It happens that you are facing problem at the time of calling a particular connection, then check the block list. There is an option of block calls that allows you to prevent any of your FaceTime contacts from calling and texting you. It may happen that you accidentally block any of your contacts and you don’t know about it. So if you have a hard time for calling or receiving calls from any particular connection, check your blocked list and confirming the same by following the path given below:

Open Settings >> FaceTime >> Blocked and a list will appear on your screen where you can see all the block contacts. If you want to unblock someone, then click on edit and tap the Remove option and number is unblock.  However, if you are still not able to connect with that person, then it is also possible that the person has blocked you from calling.


If you can’t be able to find the FaceTime app in your iOS device or you find it that the app is missing, then it is possible that you may have turned OFF the app using Restrictions.

Check it the restricted apps from Settings >> General >> Restrictions. Click on it and enter the passcode if you want to turn Content Restrictions ON.

Afterward, check the FaceTime and Camera options because any of these two options is off then you can’t be able to access the app. put the slider to ON or white to green to remove from restrictions.


After trying all the above fixes, any of above will not work for you then the last option is to reset your device. To do it, go to Settings, >> General >> Reset >>Reset All Settings.


You may find this option new if you are using the older version of iOS then 11. But if you are using ios 11 or above, then you must be familiar with this feature which implies identical to the delete option. Offloading option enables you to delete the app with all your data and documents, different from the traditional delete option.

For trying offloading option on the app, go to Settings >> General>>Storage>>FaceTime app>>tap on it>>choose Offload App option>>restart your device.

Now it’s time to reinstall the FaceTime app, for that go to Settings >> General >> Storage >>FaceTime >> tap on it>> pick Reinstall App option.


It is all about FaceTime for PC. It is a fantastic video calling application that let you share your special moment with your friends and family. Even you are staying away from your home; this app feels you like you are at home at the time of calling. The app is straightforward to use, and you will get HD.

Quality during video calling if you have a decent internet connection and all the benefits for free. What you need is an active app and internet connection on your windows device. FaceTime for PC is accessible worldwide. Most people often confuse FaceTime with Skype, but both are different. It is the best video-calling application for Apple users, FaceTime and for everyone else, Skype plays the same role for video calls and is frequently it used by a business person to make video conferences across the world. So do you like this article? If yes then share it. Share your suggestion as well as your experience on Skype and FaceTime in the comment section below. We love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading! keep sharing with your friends for one of the best calling app in the all platforms.

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