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Facetime Group Call Feature Explained – Facetime Video Conference

Have you sick by seeing the single face on video chat? If yes, then iOS 12 comes up with a group call up to 32 people. In the iOS 12 update, there are plenty of interesting new features, and one of the things is the facetime video conference call (group call). As long as Facetime exist, group FaceTime call is something that in demand by users. And as per new update, facetime comes up with a new feature that is a group calling, and in this article, we will show you how group FaceTime calls will work on iPhone and iPad, and how you can add up to 32 people in facetime.

How To Set Up A Facetime Group Call?

facetime group call

The way to set up facetime call is almost the same as the call. Instead of typing one name, you have to type more than one name. All of the participants will call normally, and as each picks up the call, they added to facetime call. check this epic facetime on windows tutorial.

Another way is to start a group message thread and switched it into video call via the Messages (iMessage) app. Apple makes sure that group members can join or leave the video chat at any time so that they can’t sweep into video call without their wishes. Now let’s take a look on step by step guide to make facetime call with the group on iPhone or iPad.

Step 1:
First, open the facetime app and see the option “facetime group call” and start a group chat with those people who want to join in the call with everyone you want to join the call.
Step 2:
Next, tap on the top of the screen inside the Message group so that apple display icons of the people who are in the text message group.
Step 3:
Now tap on ‘FaceTime.’ As you tap, it will start calling other people in your message group.
Step 4:
All your friends who are running iOS 12 can able to join the call. Even you can add more people to the menu tab located bottom right corner.
Step 5:
From the bottom right corner, tap the menu button and add people or filters.
Step 6:
For all those people who are connected in a video call, Apple will highlight the person by the largest section in the FaceTime video chat. If you call the people who can’t join video call, then they can join the call with an audio-only option. It can also be possible from an Apple Watch.

New Effects In Facetime Group Video Conference


It is not particular for group chats but with iOS 12 user can enjoy some funny visual effects while calling on FaceTime. Individual members can select the stickers from the feed and apply it on their face like dog face or rabbit face or other cartoon effects. Even they can replace their heads with 3 D animated emojis. Experiment yourself to find different effects that entertain you and your friends.


It is all about how to make facetime video conference call (group call). Many users find that the interface is a little complex, but once you use it, you become used to it. The interface of the app split into two section. At the top of the screen, there are the participants that refer as a leader and the rest of the participants are at the bottom known as a roster. If your group call is with a small group, there will not be any roaster. Each can see with the larger tile, and your tile set into the bottom right corner.
Note that the tiles size depends on the number of the person you are speaking on facetime call. When someone starts taking, his/her tile automatically enlarge, and it stays as it is until someone else starts talking. If you want more influence even if they are not talking, just double tap on the tile and they come forward. But it is not applied to everyone else. It is for you only. Try the group call on facetime and share your experience with us. Thank you for reading!

Updated: October 19, 2018 — 7:16 pm

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