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Hi Dear Friends !! How are you all ?? We hope you all are Good. Today we present the article about a Facetime For Chromebook. There are several messenger products available for the Chromebook. We let you know that facetime is not only for Apple but also for Chromebook. How is it possible facetime for Chromebook! yes it is possible. Don’t look surprised and don’t look for any further information for it as in this article we will discuss on the FaceTime for Chromebook. If you are looking for FaceTime for Chromebook downloading the App, then this article is right for us today. We will talk about Facetime for Chromebook it today. We’ll give all the information for the Chromebook FaceTime App in our article. 


FaceTime for Chromebook

Few of people in India use an Apple-based operating system for their daily usage. In the India people prefer Android for their regular use. There is no way you can use FaceTime for Android to iPhone. Facetime can only be used for video calls between apple devices. We will guide you with all the steps with all the details about how to download, install and run FaceTime for Chromebook. So let us start with some basic information.

FaceTime is an instant and very popular application for Audio & Video calling and text messaging. Thus the app was not designed for the iOS platform but now it was also designed for Chromebook, this is Good news for all the chrome users. Many chrome users ask that the Facetime app is available for Chromebook or not? No ,FaceTime app is not available. FaceTime App is really an apple product, it can’t work on Chromebook. Facetime App is only for Apple System. 

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The Chromebook is a different that gives you the convenience and portability of the tablet. Chromebook runs Linux-based Google Chrome OS instead of Mac or Windows. Chromebooks are designed to be used with the internet and all your data and documents are stored in the cloud. So that you can book chrome with you Connect Chromebook to the internet and access your files from anywhere. However, if the user want to make a video call, they can use Skype, Viber, Facebook Messanger, Google Hangouts.

How to FaceTime for chromebook

How to FaceTime for Chromebook 

FaceTime was designed for iOS and Mac OS devices. FaceTime application works really well on iPhone, iPad and other apple devices. But it’s not yet open to Android or Windows users. Unfortunately, there is no app to support Chromebooks but the good thing is that FaceTime is simply a video calling application and there are other options that are as good as FaceTime. The Google Hangouts app is a very good option for Facetime to create video calls and sessions on Chromebooks. This is similar to using Skype on a PC to play these video chats. Hangouts works really well for Chromebooks.

Most of Google’s apps do not support Chromebook because it’s Google’s tool if it’s good on the security side, Chromebook users are limited to Google apps and are not able to enjoy other services because they have a Mac or a Windows system. Google is currently planning to make Chromebooks compatible with all the apps and plugins. Soon Chromebook will become the best budget option for Windows and Mac laptops.

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Now Facebook Video supports WebRTC. You have to click your camera and microphone only to start the chat access, it is especially helpful on Chrome OS devices like Chromebooks and Chromeboxes, but it is also useful on any computer installed on Google Chrome Is there.


As we mentioned above, the Facetime app is still not launching for the Chromebook so be careful not to download any APK files with such claims. If an Chromebook Facetime app announced, we will update our article as soon as possible and deliver the correct information to you. We’ll be back with more updates for Chromebook FaceTime soon. 

Updated: September 29, 2018 — 7:24 pm

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